Feeling Bogged Down by Retail Shelving Woes?

12.16.2015 Articles

Is your retail shelving in need of an upgrade? Trudging through an overwhelming bog of installation woes is no fun. Missing parts sink your display installation schedule and won’t increase sales.

Unforeseen product issues force you to change course. Glitches occur the minute your display is installed right? We understand your struggles. We will guide you through the mess.

In our experience, most retail shelving installations go awry due to miscommunication between the retailer, manufacturer, and the installation partner. Especially when projects are last minute and contain few details. Not to mention additional obstacles such as missing parts and delayed delivery can ultimately lead to a poorly executed installation.

To prevent this, it’s best to select a retail shelving partner who specializes in display installations. Such as a trained team to handle the intricacies of installing highly complex displays. Someone who can provide you with a full display lifecycle solution. Involving your partner throughout the entire display process, from design to build out to delivery, will also lead to a successful installation, as they can predict pitfalls and plan accordingly.

Retail Shelving Recalls Are No Match for BDS

One BDSmktg client issued a voluntary product recall which required a complete removal of the product from all displays in major big box retailers. Through quick communication and rapid Installation Team deployment, BDS corrected over 4,000 retail shelving displays in one month. We replaced fact tags, revised video demos and installed new modules, decals, and support units. Needless to the client was happy.

Get a partner that does the job right the first time so you can quickly move on to your next retail mission. To learn more about our Installation Team and display lifecycle solutions for better retail shelving.