Four Last Minute Ways to Create a Positive Black Friday Shopping Experience

11.18.2016 Articles

The countdown to Black Friday is on! We’re now only a week away from the biggest selling day of the holiday season. Programs have been launched, field teams have been trained, and associates are armed with all the right sales tools. The only thing left at this point are the little details and ensuring your customers have a great shopping experience. Looking for a way to stand out at the last minute? Whether you’re a retailer or a brand, here are four easy ways that you can create a positive customer experience this Black Friday.

Have a day-of plan in place. 

To pull off any major event seamlessly, communication is always key, and Black Friday is no exception. Have an meeting the week of Black Friday send out an email that details the day-of plan. Make sure employees and field staff are instructed on what to do, where to be, and how to perform. Having a set communication plan will, in turn, result in a better experience for store associates, brand representatives, and shoppers.

Send a supportive reminder. 

This can be a stressful time for store associates and brand representatives. Don’t forget to send out reminders to your team to get a good night’s sleep and to come with a positive attitude on Black Friday. Remind them to be patient and only worry about what they can control. Tell them how much you appreciate their hard work and how important they are to a successful Black Friday.

Surprise and delight shoppers. 

No good deed goes unnoticed! Surprise and delight shoppers that have been waiting in line for hours with free items, like doughnuts or coffee. Not only is it a sweet gesture, but it also allows you to interact directly with shoppers in a less stressful way and connect with them on a human level. This kind of customer service will make a lasting impact for your brand or store way beyond Black Friday.

Prep for speed.

Make sure associates and representatives are well-organized and prepared with the necessary materials ahead of time so that the check-out process is as simple and speedy as possible. The more they’re prepped to handle the crowd, the easier the day and customer experience will be!

Hopefully these four last minute ideas give you some food for thought. Tag @BDSmktg in your Black Friday posts and pictures!