Friday Five: April 19th

04.19.2019 Articles

What’s new in the world of consumer marketing? Share A Coke established their e-commerce platform by creating personalized products, Marketers are redefining the importance of visuals connecting with written content, and Amazon shares 38 different ways to be successful. Here are our top five curated insights for this week: 

 1. Think Tank: The Legacy Brand’s Guide to Retail Survival 

Another way that legacy brands will come out ahead during the retail apocalypse is by taking a cue from the shiny new DTC brands they’re trying to outsmart. By opening concept or pop-up stores, you’re adding an extra component that is crucial for increasing brand awareness and strengthening personal connections with your existing consumers, encouraging fiercer brand loyalty. Experiential spaces can elevate your profile and give avid fans a chance to engage with your brand from almost every touchpoint imaginable.” 

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2. These are Amazon’s 38 rules for success 

Amazon’s purchase of Telebuch in Germany and BookPages in the U.K. in 1998 gave Bezos an opportunity to articulate the company’s core principles. Alison Allgor, a D.E. Shaw transplant who worked in human resources, pondered Amazon’s values with the Telebuch founders. They agreed on five core values and wrote them down on a whiteboard in a conference room: customer obsession, frugality, bias for action, ownership, and high bar for talent. Later Amazon would add a sixth value, innovation. 

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3. Redefining The Role Visuals Play In Your Marketing Strategy 

Consumers want content they can trust. In fact, our survey found that 90% of consumers find authenticity to be an important factor when choosing which brands they support, and 58% of consumers agree that UGC is the most authentic content. Nielsen’s research further supports this consumer mindset, as 70% somewhat or completely trust the online opinions of consumers.” 

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4. Share A Coke: How a personalized promotion became an e-commerce platform  

Brands looking to expand into e-commerce will succeed if they meet a customer need. In the case of the country’s leading beverage marketer, the Coca-Cola Company, that customer need was being able to share a sense of themselves on their beverage bottles. What began as a single product promotion — Share A Coke — became a multi-product e-commerce campaign driving millions of sales. 

Read the full article from Retail Customer Experience. 


5. Non-Interruptive Marketing Strategies For Connecting With Your Target Consumer 

The traditional interruptive advertising model we’re used to seeing is getting more difficult to execute as consumers gain more control over how they see ads. It is also less valuable to the advertiser because it exposes a potential consumer to a product without any context.” 

Read the full article from Forbes. 

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