Paving The Way To The Future of Retail

03.21.2023 Articles
By Sargena Narsa, PR & Communications Content Specialist

Long gone are the days when manufacturers and retailers determine the buying journey. Today, the customer buying journey moves at the speed of technology, and the customer is in the driver’s seat demanding a “customer-centric” approach. The past two years have accelerated the customer-centric buying journey as customers evolved their shopping habits at an unprecedented pace due to the pandemic. Overnight, consumers had to become comfortable with shopping methods they may have previously been avoiding; such as online shopping, ordering food and grocery deliveries, buying online for pick up in-store (BOPIS), and even curbside pickup.  

Integrating The Customer Journey: Online and Offline 

As the customer journey evolves, the expectations for exceptional shopping experiences transform. BDS continues to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing shopping journey by providing seamless online to in-store experiences, through virtual and in-person sales support. With 42% of consumers using multiple channels during their shopping journey, BDS’ priority is to develop innovative digital-first solutions that create a more effective user experience for brands and their customers. Our live, video-powered sales solution, Tap-a-Tech, delivers an immersive shopping experience through our digital-led, people-first approach, which is presented in an accessible omnipresent environment. The solution is intended to create brand awareness, build personal connections, boost conversions, and reinstall consumer confidence.  

Transforming The Way Consumers Connect With Brands 

With 55% of shoppers making online purchases from retailers that have physical stores as opposed to only having an online presence, BDS’ solutions empower brands to fully adapt to today’s customer journey. The heart of our solutions are fueled by the power of human connection, whether that’s in-person or virtually. BDS’ innovative solutions prioritize the demands of consumers. Our solutions provide engaging, immersive, and educational shopping experiences for customers no matter where they are. As technology evolves, inevitably transforming the shopping environment and the expectations of consumers, BDS will continue to pave the way for brands that are seeking to utilize cutting-edge methods for connecting with their customers. From offering virtual sales support, in-person sales, demos and retail sales representative training, and experiential marketing solutions, BDS provides a diverse mix of future-proof solutions that ensure a seamless shopping journey. As consumers shift their shopping habits to fit the latest technological trends; accessibility, convenience, and ease are at the forefront of winning over a customer.  

Experiencing The Digital Sphere Of Retail 

As blockchain technology progresses, Web3, and Augmented Reality (AR) are starting to reshape e-commerce trends and shift the way consumers shop, and the way brands sell. Global spending for AR/VR technologies is expected to rise from $12 billion to $72.8 billion in 2024. Web3 and the multitude of metaverses are paving the way for new interactions between consumers, brands, and technology. With endless possibilities in the metaverse, it holds potential for innovation in branding, marketing, and commerce. Brands must stay ahead of the curve within the digital sphere. It is predicted that the shopping landscape will continue to become more integrated into a “connected commerce” buying experience and environment, one in which shoppers can buy anytime, anywhere, and on any device. They have come to expect a very seamless experience, from online to in person and everything in between. 

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