Tips for a Successful Product Launch at Retail

09.01.2015 Articles

BDS’ Business Intelligence Team conducted an independent study to provide insights to a wireless phone manufacturer looking to launch their new smartphone at carrier retail stores nationwide. The study focused on in-store promotional activities, retail sales associate product knowledge, and campaign messaging.

Here’s what we found:

  • The competitor’s smartphone launched on the same day earned 80% of the recommendations compared to focus brand with just 20%.
  • On average, more than 50% of assisting associates either carried the competitor’s smartphone for personal use and / or recommended the competitor’s model to customers.
  • Though 92% of associates were aware of the focus smartphone when asked, up to 25% showed a lack of knowledge around key consumer benefits.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Stagger launch dates where possible to limit competitor interference.
  • Ensure sales force familiarization through early access to product for personal use.
  • Design a talk track around distinguishing product features and benefits.
  • Keep brand and product top of mind with associate target drip campaign.

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